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All loveliness, in all colors!

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I know most of the images you look for here are usually white, or white with a tad of black or chocolate, but these all spoke to me of a singular loveliness. Love that piano room, even though I never really learned to play!


More heavenly (mostly white, but some blue) bedrooms

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Love that curly bed and the nightstand! Argh, want one, puleeze?!


Seaside loveliness…

and more..seasidebed

cool modern, with blue..whitebed


nautical without being too fey!

Lovely Bedrooms

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Love the sublety of this beige (with just enough white), beigebed

I could probably does this look with stuff I already have! (Idea for the weekend!)


For this one, I would have to paint the whole bedroom walls, and I don’t think I am up for that little project, but maybe someday…


Lovely and simple, easy to do in your own bedroom with the right bed, of course!

How about this?

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What a lovely idea, to put your bed outside, not very practical as such, but
it has a certain appeal!

ksoutsidewouldn’t cut it in theĀ  woods!

but you could move it back inside if it looks like this confection….

(I’m a tad concerned about the nylon content in this bedspread, I have a down one myself…………..)


but who is my skin and it’s weird allergies to be the judge?

Via Kim Southworth South African Designer

white white and more white

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I know we saw kitchens a while back! but this one showed up today!


lovely dining set up


Although I am so over subway tile, Eric Johnson’s bathroom is subtly lovely!


and his bedroom is heavenly!

marthabed thanks to Martha for this one!